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Forex Spot Trading:

Variety of currency pairs

Transparent and consistent pricing

The Spot (OTC) off-exchange currency market is the largest traded globally, with an estimated USD 3.5 trillion traded every day. This far larger than both the Stock and Futures markets combined. With this level of turnover, there is always movement in the Forex markets and the opportunity to make profits, even when other markets are stagnant.
When one trades the Forex markets, an investor always trades a combination of two currencies (a cross or currency pair) in which one currency is bought (long) and the other is sold (short). This means the trader is speculating on the potential of one of the currencies appreciating in value in relation to the other.

Typically, Forex trading is executed on margin accounts, and the industry practice is to trade on relatively small margin amounts (Typically 200:1), since currency exchange price movements tend to be smaller than one or two percent on any given day.

Contract For Difference (CFD):

As the name suggests, a CFD is simply the settling of a contract for the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of a financial
instrument. A CFD offers the benefits of trading financial instruments such as Equities, Commodities or Treasuries without having to physically own the underlying instrument itself.

We provide CFD’s for Equity Indices, Corn, Wheat, Crude Energy and Precious Metals. Our state of the art trading platforms support online trading of contracts for difference on live prices.

A CFD offers traders numerous benefits over those of some other trading instruments such as allowing hedging of current Stock investments and even enable the potential for profit in a falling market. CFDs can be 'shorted' or 'sold short' - so if a trader thinks a particular Stock or stock market index is set to drop, they can 'sell' it, and turn a profit if the market moves the way they expect.

With CFDs, a trader can Build a diverse, multi-product portfolio and trade thousands of different CFDs and nearly 20 Index-tracking CFDs across over 20 exchanges worldwide.

Forex and Metals Options Trading:

Forex options are available for currency crosses and Gold and Silver against the US dollar. An online trading account is an essential tool for the professional FX trader. Our trading platform supports same-account Forex and Options trading.

Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) options are options where the underlying product is a currency pair. We offer a “traditional” spot forex option contract which conveys the right with no obligation to buy or sell a specified amount of foreign currency at a specified price within a specified time period.

A Forex Option gives a trader the right, but not the obligation, to either buy (Call Option) or sell (Put Option) a certain currency pair at a specified price (known as the strike price) on a specified date (the expiry date). A premium is paid up front to the seller of the Option
(generally the broker) for this right to buy or sell the underlying asset. Depending of market conditions at the time the Option expires
determines whether a trader chooses to use, or exercise, this right. Forex Options provide the possibility to profit when a currency pair trades higher or lower.