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The Forex market: is a global market active 24-hours a day almost 7 days a week. Most activity takes place between the time the New Zealand market opens on Monday, which is Sunday evening in Europe, until the US market closes on Friday evening. This 24 hour advantage allows Forex traders the possibility to trade round the clock; rather than wait for markets to open.

Multi-bank liquidity:

The FX market daily average volume now exceeds US$ 3.2 trillion and growing. Technology has made this market accessible to almost anyone and retail traders have flocked to FX. High liquidity is a powerful magnet for any investor, because it gives him or her the freedom to open or to close a position of any size whatsoever.

Narrow spreads:

Spreads, the difference between the bid and offer price, called pips, are miniscule. Additionally, FX price quotes are ‘good’ for larger amounts than in equities with no sliding spread scale based on transaction volume. The “pip” spread is the hidden, ‘intrinsic’ cost of dealing and in the FX market these costs are minimal. Technology has made these tight prices available to almost everyone, even for small transaction amounts.

Equal access to market information:

FX is a market where virtually all participants have access to the same market moving information as everyone else. In FX, perhaps the only advantage the big banks have is flow information.

Leverage strategies:

FX margin ratios tend to be higher than those available in equity because it is more liquid – there is nearly always a price in FX ­– and it tends to be less volatile. The credit “leverage” or Margin is determined by an agreement between a customer and the bank or the brokerage house that pushes it to the market and is normally equal to 100:1 but can be higher. That means that, upon making a $1,000 pledge, a customer can enter into transactions for an amount equivalent to $100,000. It is such extensive credit “leverages”, in conjunction with highly variable currency quotations, which makes this market highly profitable but also highly risky.

Exit any time:

Flexible regulation allows you to open a position for a pre-determined period of time in the FOREX market, and at your discretion, exit the position any time.

Profit participation regardless of market direction:

Profit potential exists in FX regardless of whether a trader is buying or selling and regardless of whether the market is moving up or down.